Event location since 1913 - ballroom or hall of mirrors? You can now rent the Berlin original.


History & Background

The Ballhaus, soon affectionately known as “Clärchens” by the Berliners, was opened on 13 September 1913 by Clara Bühler and her husband Fritz as “Bühler’s Dance House”. Both were passionate dancers and animated the place with their energy. While high society celebrated upstairs in the Hall of Mirrors (Spiegelsaal), all of Berlin danced downstairs in the Ballroom. For more than 100 years now, people have celebrated and danced in the two dance halls. Clärchens Ballhaus is one of the last remaining ballroom buildings from the 20th century. The Hall of Mirrors still shines today in its original glory.

“I bought the site with the clear intention of protecting Clärchens Ballhaus”
Yoram Roth, Owner


Where located
Auguststrasse 24, 10117 Berlin-Mitte

Suitable for
receptions, large celebrations, banquets, dance events, concerts, readings, civil weddings

Areas and size
2 event areas covering over 1.400 m², including outdoor areas and terrace

10-1500 persons


A whole century has left its mark. The house is in need of renovation. To ensure the guests’ safety while remaining continually open, renovations have been planned. The Hall of Mirrors will be preserved. The business will continue to be run as will the dance events following renovation.

Until refurbishments begin, the dance halls can be rented as event locations. Have your celebration in the heart of Berlin. Discover the charm of the 20s in the Hall of Mirrors. Experience old Berlin’s love of dancing in the Ballroom.

You won’t find a taxi driver in Berlin who doesn’t know what Clärchens is.
Deutschlandradio Kultur

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Indigo Ries, Beratung & Events
“what would have to be painstakingly recreated elsewhere and which would then only end up being ridiculous, is real at clärchens.”
Berliner Zeitung
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